Unopposed Estrogen


by Carl Josehart

Unopposed estrogen
causes cancer says the medical student
with a twinkle in her eye
she is mimicking her
white testosterone teacher
looking through the eye of his penis
seeing only emptiness in her fertile womb

Unopposed estrogen
is a cancer on society
screams the white testosterone senator
he wants to legislate and regulate who may ovulate
he believes opposition is a favor to the
disenfranchised to build character
and poverty a punishment for unwed love

Unopposed estrogen
is a cancer attacking family values
preaches the white testosterone minister
he fears sex without guilt
legs without stockings
children without marriage
and love without rules

Unopposed estrogen
fights the tyranny of
untitrated testosterone
pulsing through penile pedagogy
erect with self-confidence

Unopposed estrogen
laughs at testosterone’s pretensions
delights in its reproductive potential
giddy with unfettered possibilities
able to fly beyond boundaries
arbitrarily imposed
suddenly exposed
and summarily deposed

Unopposed estrogen
hugs itself
in each other’s arms
wraps itself
in its own loving embrace
sees itself in the mirror
of each other’s face
waterfalls of power unleashed
born of estrogen unopposed

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