The Journey

The Journey
by Carl Josehart

We began our journey as strangers
The mask of civility hiding pain and fear

Facing each other across a canyon of differences yet explored
Our eyes strain to find a path across the rugged terrain
Our chosen trials stripping away the veneer of expectation
Exposing a new place of pain, shame and glory

Relationships born of hope
And forged through the fire of challenge
Deepen like the lines of age
On the face of a lover or dear friend

True identities once revealed
Expose beauty and gifts once buried below life’s façade
Now silence shouts joy, comfort and caring

Hands and eyes caressing the faces
Of newfound friends
We walk together towards a crossroads
Our masks and costumes at the ready
We face a choice
Don the clothing of convention
Or walk barefaced
Into a new tomorrow.

-Carl Josehart
August 5, 2015
Lake George, Colorado

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