by Carl Josehart

In the bar
or on the beach
some are beautiful
their bodies draw stares
and desire

In the presence of our creator
the flesh fades
the body a mere covering
for the soul
fashioned pure and
placed within us
by our God

In song
some voices rise in perfect pitch
harmony follows them
as day follows night

Moses’ speech
flawed and faltering
freed our people from Pharaoh
coaxed water from rock
manna from heaven
uttered a perfect prayer to heal Miriam
and was the vessel for
God’s holy words

From heaven’s lofty heights
no one looks tall
or beautiful
no single voice is loud enough to be heard
therefore we come together as a
our chorus of prayer and praise
woven together to form a beautiful tapestry
we offer to the Divine

In our smallness
we are all equal before God
in God’s love
we are all
perfect creations

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