The Gift


The Gift
by Carl Josehart

You know
I would buy you
Long life
If it came in a box
Wrapped with a bow
Cuddled inside cute paper

I would even pay extra
For happiness
If it came with a
Satisfaction or
Your money back

I would take out a loan
For security and prosperity
If it came pre-packaged
In bubble wrap
To prevent breakage

The important things
Never seem to be found
On the shelves
Of even the finest stores

So I’ll offer you a promise
That we will watch you navigate your own ship
Through the journey of life
Pray for you when storms rage
Wait for you during lonely nights on dark seas
And, even when we are apart
Our eyes will meet gazing at the same stars
From both sides of the far horizon
And you will know
Our love goes with you

You know
I would buy you
Long life
If it came in a box

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  1. Carl, I really am enjoying your poems. Thank you for sharing them. I look forward to getting them. Love, Judy

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