The Five Freedoms

There are five freedoms:
The freedom to see and hear what is;
The freedom to say what you feel and think;
The freedom to feel what you actually feel;
The freedom to ask for what you want;
The freedom to take risks on your own behalf.

– Virginia Satir



by Carl Josehart

How right is right?
When can you be sure that justice is on your side?
How much certainty and confidence masquerade as pride?
Are the rights of the one always second to the good of the many?
Can you ever say no more; enough; she’s suffered plenty?

I’m, trained
I have experience
I know my job

They’re vulnerable
And confused
Some sit quietly and sob

When is an adult not an adult?
How can you take away the right to choose?
Is there a choice where no one will lose?
How can you maintain her dignity and show respect
And still abide by a decision you know is correct?

They’re homicidal
And suicidal
And hearing voices

I’m constrained by legalities
And treatment modalities
And limited choices

When is finished really finished?
How do you turn off the questions that dance in your head?
How do you put it behind you when it’s time for bed?
Do we ever have the luxury to know our choice was for the best?
If I err will my conscience forgive me and allow me to rest?

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