by Carl Josehart

good friend
and travelers all
those who voyage long and far
and delve into missions of the mind
distant lands
brave journeys
adventurers just and true

Travel well
dear friend
Dulcinea awakes in the dreams
of a lover’s head
and sees beauty and poetry
where life leaves ruin and rags

Search for the Holy Grail
if you will
while I tilt at windmills
and think of you
Dulcinea to my Quixote
you’ll tread on solid ground
while I go adventuring on a cloud of dreams

Xanadu, Camelot
and Mt. Olympus
through your imagination
will chart your next adventure

While Pompeii
lies beneath the rubble
of our daily grind
buried beauty
frozen beneath the ash of
tragic disillusionment
testimony to an
era of possibility
born like the phoenix
out of the ashes of despair

peace and safety too
follow you
protect and bring you comfort
and you home at journey’s end
good spirits
fair weather
and a true compass
to point toward the future
and back
if needed

Godspeed good friend


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