Don’t Let the Light Go Out


Don’t Let the Light Go Out
by Carl Josehart

When the children of Israel were lost
wandering in the desert
God appeared to them
a pillar of smoke by day
a pillar of fire by night
a guide to them
a reminder to them
they were not alone

Dear God
I have been feeling lost
feeling alone
surrounded by danger
feeling afraid
missing the familiar
comfort and safety
of home
Don’t let the light go out

After the flood
destroyed the earth
God set a rainbow in the sky
a symbol
a covenant
to never again
destroy the earth

Recently it seems the rains
have come again
floods threaten the world
show me the rainbow
remind me of your promise
Don’t let the light go out

God called to Moses
from within a burning bush
surounded by flames
Mosed beheld with wonder
he realized he stood on holy ground
Moses cried out
an answer to the call
“Here I am!”

In a world ablaze with
and confusion
we join the cry
“Here we are”
Don’t let the light go out!

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