Welcome Greenland

Welcome Greenland

Since I have started my blog I have had fun watching the map of the world light up as people from different countries visit my site and perhaps stay a few moments and read something I have written. I admit that I derive a certain pleasure of seeing the points on the map light up from places I have visited and, even more so, from places I have yet had the opportunity to travel.

In my imaginings, by staring at the same words from across distant horizons perhaps we become connected in some way, build bridges across cultures, countries and borders.

Over the months, the countries of the world have become more and more filled with points of light as people from those remarkable places stop by for a visit – up until now, however, no one from Greenland.

Perhaps they are too busy admiring the beauty of the Ilulissat Ice-fjord, standing in awe on the deck of a ship whale watching, enjoying the warmth of Uunartoq Hot Springs, or feeling inspired by the grandeur and spectacle of the Northern Lights – all worthy pursuits of that I am sure. But when it is time to put your feet up and share the stories of your people I will be here waiting with a cup of hot cocoa.

So in the spirit of world peace – and healing my fragile ego – I want to officially invite the citizens of Greenland into my site for a visit. Residents of Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Tasiilaq, Paamiut, Narsaq, Nanortalik, Uummannaq. Upernavik, Qasigiannguit and everywhere in-between please come by and say hello – I’ll leave the porch light on.


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