Non-Dairy Dreamy Delight

Non-Dairy Dreamy Delight
by Carl Josehart

Lactose free!
the invitation read
and I wondered where in the hell Lactose was
and whether the Lactosians
were fighting for their freedom
from and oppressive government
that infringed on their personal liberties

Free Lactose!
I took up the chant
wanting to be
politically correct
I made up banners
and flyers
led protest marches
and even started to collect money
to help resettle refugees from Lactose

Lactose free!
a dream come true
a land flowing with
soy-milk and honey
“Better-Than Cream Cheese”
in every market
and Norman Rockwell Thanksgivings
minus the butter in the mashed potatoes
in every home
Power to the People – Free Lactose!

The call for freedom is catching on – now Gluten is seeking freedom as well!

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