The Dirty Side of Recovery


Hurricane Harvey: Notes from the Storm

If you grew up in a hurricane prone location like Houston then you are aware of what they mean when they talk about the “dirty side” of the storm (we just lived it – it is the side that gets all the rain) – well now that the storm is over you may start experiencing the “dirty side of recovery”

The Top Ten Signs You May be on the Dirty Side of Recovery:

10. You go to bed at a decent time and wake up in the morning already feeling tired
9.   You are tired of being told to feel grateful that your loss wasn’t bigger
8.   You are tired of feeling guilty that your home was spared and your friends lost theirs
7.   If you lost your home, you are tired of living in a mess and everything you own being wet, damp and dirty
6.   You are tired of people telling you, “it’s just stuff – your health is what is important”
5.   You are tired of your neighborhood looking like a garbage dump – piled high with debris
4.   You are starting to feeling a little crankier than usual and find yourself losing your temper more often
3.   You are tired of wearing the same thing every day because you don’t have any choice
2.   You finally sit down to watch TV for the first time in a week and your cable is out

And the #1 sign you are on the dirty side of recovery:
  1. Now that the water finally receded on the highway you take to work it us under construction and it still takes you forever to get to work
All kidding aside, the honest truth is that this is hard and there are no magic bullets to make it all better right away. It’s also true that it will get better but it is going to take time. The other thing to remember is that emotional recovery is not a straight line where every day is better than the day before. The most successful recoveries are a long and winding road. Some days it will feel like one step forward and two steps back and other days it will feel like a giant leap forward . The recovery process is a long and winding road – and some days that road is under construction.


“Turn your wounds into wisdom & your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.” ~Robin Sharma

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