In My America


In My America

~ by Carl Josehart

In my America
people run towards the police
when they feel afraid

In my America
guns are used
when they are used
to protect
to hunt for food
to defend our freedoms

In my America
school is a place of learning

In my America
we fight for freedom and truth
with words
with ideas
with music and art

In my America
we bury our prejudice
our hate
not the truth
certainly not our children

In my America
we lift the fallen
feed the hungry
heal the sick
care for the aged and infirm
comfort the bereaved

In my America
we share our abundance
make room for immigrants
lead by example
pray as we please
to whoever we please

In my America
you and I have an equal chance
to love
to work
to learn
to lead and
to live

My America is
big enough
safe enough
welcoming enough
for all of us to share

to my America

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