Arm Me


Arm Me

Arm me with weapons of mass compassion
Arm me with automatic empathy
Arm me with a high capacity of compassion

Create a national registry of help
Create zones of safety and freedom
Create circles of inclusion big enough to hold everyone

Take aim at intolerance
Take aim at hunger, poverty and prejudice
Take aim at injustice not individuals

Fight for inclusion
Fight for access to opportunity
Fight to fill young minds with faith that justice will eventually win

Overcome the urge to hate
Overwhelm grief with comfort
Open up paths to understanding and reconciliation

Raise the age of complacency
Raise the flag of respect and responsibility
Raise up the fallen and lift up those bent from despair

Meet isolation with friendship
Meet hopelessness with care
Meet despair with hope

Embrace the future with dreams of peace
Embrace the lonely with love
Embrace the march to freedom

~ Carl Josehart, March 2018

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