“If you are willing to enter his private world and see the way life appears to him, without any attempt to make evaluative judgments, you run the risk of being changed yourself.”

― Carl R. Rogers, On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy

Strictly Confidential
~by Carl Josehart

He stands at the center
relationships like spokes
on a wheel
radiate from his

“This is strictly confidential
of course.”
they all say

He touches them all
but not each other
they all touch him
but he feels no one

at the center
their lives spin webs
around him

~by Carl Josehart

pristine crystalline powder
packed into glossy, shiny shelly
poured with water past my tongue

dissolving delicately
disseminating drug to my every cell
promise a better life through chemistry
claiming science besting life’s mystery

melancholy moods make mention
memories’ mother bearing grief
misery of years mostly past
forgiveness not yet found
faith too weak to heal

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