Coming Home


Coming Home
~ by Carl Josehart

I used to feel the anger of a thousand years
I felt cheated and mistreated
And wallowed in my tears

I used to hurt from the sadness of centuries
I felt bitter, alone, at sea in an ocean of enemies
And would sit, and lament, anguishing over my injuries

So, I ran away to make it on my own
To show them I was freed of them and no longer needed them
And to one up the world from my self-made throne

I discovered that my battles raged on the inside
And from myself I could never hide
I learned it takes more than me to ever turn the tide

I know, now, I can’t run from myself, no matter how far I roam
I’m tired of missing you and living our lives on the phone
So, I’m packing a bag, and I’m coming home

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