Wedding Vow


Twenty years ago I married the man of my dreams – it took a while for the world to catch-up with us and recognize our relationship but we never doubted our love.

Happy anniversary!

Wedding Vow
by Carl Josehart

Poised on the precipice of eternity
We stand
Hearts outstretched like arms
Or maybe even wings
And lean across the caverns that divide us

You exhale
I breathe in

In one breath
I am born again in your beauty
My soul awakening for the first time
Nourished by your gentle steady presence

I listen for the gentle beating of your heart
And know
There were times it beat for both of us
When mine was too weak to beat alone

I look into your eyes
And reflected there I see a dream of my highest self
Your gentle vision overlooks my faults and imperfections
You are a generous mirror of the man I would like to become

I wait for the strength of your touch
Courage wrapped in warm comfort

What shall I offer to thank you for these many gifts?
What treasure do I have worthy of your love?

All I have to give is my pledge
Today I offer you all that I am
All that I have
And all that I strive to become

Walk by my side
And all long the journey we will be at peace
Our lives grounded by the union of our hearts

Where we lay we’ll call home
Where we pray we’ll call sanctuary
Where we love we’ll call heaven

– September 6, 1998

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