by Carl Josehart

Memories of the future make their way slowly into my mind
Repetitious images of my life in times yet to come
I am moving back and forth through space and time
Not knowing how to find my way to them or how to return to where I’m from

Suspended, now am I, unable to find roost – just to fly
Knowing in my dreams where I am meant to be
Remembering failures and how hard it was to try
Comforted, in those times, by what I told myself the future had for me

Muddled and confused, I wonder what is real and what a dream
Unable to separate for myself fantasy from fact
I look for a source of knowledge to tell me what it means
Hoping I will find it while my life is still intact

But reality seems to change as I move from place to place
Each embracing me for the moment – then turning it fades away
Is reality so fragile that it shatters when I avert my face?
Or, is it that I haven’t learned to hold it firmly, and make it want to stay

Wishes so old have become memories
The future so long awaited is now the past
Dreams too weak to live must now be grieved
The present is all that is left for me – I hope I can make it last

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by Carl Josehart

Reach for distant shores
my little one
sea shells
gentle waves
sandy shores
sunny days
a peaceful earth

Reach for high hills
my beautiful one
twinkling stars
snow capped peaks
the moon at night
the sun at mid-day

Reach for God in heaven
my child, symbol of hope
angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder
surrounded by divine protection
hugged by your parents’ loving embrace

Reach high
my young one
and wide
and far
your fragile little body
the next link in an ancient chain
your expanding intellect
the storehouse to come our national treasures
your unblemished heart
full of compassion and love
your perfect soul
full of wonder and praise


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Some Dreams Die Young

“The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.”

– Robert M. Hutchins

Some Dreams Die Young
by Carl Josehart

Not all dreams last forever
They don’t all start with, “once upon a time,”
And end with, “happily ever after”

Some are like children we nurture and they grow
Others fill us with hope; nourish future promise
When they mature bring happiness; that much we know

Some dreams are familiar, comfortable; like a favorite song often sung
There are dreams that stay with us, age with us
And there are some dreams that die young.


by Carl Josehart

Fantasies are free to fly
Up in the air and through the sky
But mortal men are earthly bound
Doomed to spend their lives on, or near, the ground

Fantasies can transcend time and space
Moving easily through centuries and across multitudes of geographies with equal grace
While the common man is trapped by place and time
Hurtled forward towards an unforgiving finishing line

Fantasies can let minds run free
That are bound and gagged by prejudice and bureaucracy
While bodies are chained to traditions on which creativity chokes
Moving in circles, like a spinning wheel’s spokes

Fantasies are free to fly
And so may our dreams if we but try
To let go our earthly desires
That fan the flames of our manmade hell’s burning fires