The Tattooed Tigress

The Tattooed Tigress
by Carl Josehart

The tattooed tigress
slowly stalks her prey
inviting mouth studded with razor sharp teeth

Swishing silky tail
playful as a cub
powerful as a lioness
tempting as ripe fruit swollen on the vine

The tattooed tigress
now wounded in battle
cries out in pain
threatens all who come near
even those with salves and dressings for her wounds

Too frightened to let anyone approach
she is danger of dying from her wounds
injuries that need not be mortal
threaten to sap her life
lest she can suffer to be cured

The Quorum

The Quorum
by Carl Josehart

A quorum of angry men
gather for their unholy deed

They bow their heads in solemnity
and begin the ancient dance
Exposing the bareness of their necks
fearing terror, like talons, will
tear at the waiting flesh

Maudlin remembrances
spurn their advancing years
Savage hearts
by a lifetime of untold fears

But the solemnity of the circle
become a talisman for their time
Chasing away ancient demons
and binding them in heart and mind

The dance now done
the dancers rise as if to leave
Solitary struggles discarded lay in pieces on the ground
as bonds, once broken, now have begun to cleave

Look for the Helpers

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

One Moment

by Carl Josehart

All those years of school
And work; it seems insane
That suddenly I would be feeling the fool
After one moment of pain

Helpless, hopeless, and confused
They need my attention
Never mind that my ego has been bruised
Or that my mind has been stretched past its limits of retention

A calculus professor of mine once said,
“When in doubt; differentiate.”
Funny that just went through my head
I heed the advice and begin to differentiate

Who needs me now?
Who can wait?
I find myself talking, and doing – and knowing how
Maybe there is still time to help; maybe I’m not too late

We ran in when it started
With our bag of tricks and our hospital id’s
Hours later, when we finally departed
We left behind the bag of tricks, and took along the memories

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A Complete Recovery

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

A Complete Recovery
by Carl Josehart

embraced by the sweet medicine of your love
pain melts
fear flees
and the full blush of life returns to my cheeks

nourished by the sweet compassion of your hearts
strength renews
body heals
and the full measure of vigor returns to my step

lifted by the sweet hope of your prayers
faith flourishes
spirits rise
and the full measure of praise returns to my soul