by Carl Josehart

Reach for distant shores
my little one
sea shells
gentle waves
sandy shores
sunny days
a peaceful earth

Reach for high hills
my beautiful one
twinkling stars
snow capped peaks
the moon at night
the sun at mid-day

Reach for God in heaven
my child, symbol of hope
angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder
surrounded by divine protection
hugged by your parents’ loving embrace

Reach high
my young one
and wide
and far
your fragile little body
the next link in an ancient chain
your expanding intellect
the storehouse to come our national treasures
your unblemished heart
full of compassion and love
your perfect soul
full of wonder and praise


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Don’t Let the Light Go Out

Don’t Let the Light Go Out
by Carl Josehart

When the children of Israel were lost
wandering in the desert
God appeared to them
a pillar of smoke by day
a pillar of fire by night
a guide to them
a reminder to them
they were not alone

Dear God
I have been feeling lost
feeling alone
surrounded by danger
feeling afraid
missing the familiar
comfort and safety
of home
Don’t let the light go out

After the flood
destroyed the earth
God set a rainbow in the sky
a symbol
a covenant
to never again
destroy the earth

Recently it seems the rains
have come again
floods threaten the world
show me the rainbow
remind me of your promise
Don’t let the light go out

God called to Moses
from within a burning bush
surounded by flames
Mosed beheld with wonder
he realized he stood on holy ground
Moses cried out
an answer to the call
“Here I am!”

In a world ablaze with
and confusion
we join the cry
“Here we are”
Don’t let the light go out!

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by Carl Josehart

Fantasies are free to fly
Up in the air and through the sky
But mortal men are earthly bound
Doomed to spend their lives on, or near, the ground

Fantasies can transcend time and space
Moving easily through centuries and across multitudes of geographies with equal grace
While the common man is trapped by place and time
Hurtled forward towards an unforgiving finishing line

Fantasies can let minds run free
That are bound and gagged by prejudice and bureaucracy
While bodies are chained to traditions on which creativity chokes
Moving in circles, like a spinning wheel’s spokes

Fantasies are free to fly
And so may our dreams if we but try
To let go our earthly desires
That fan the flames of our manmade hell’s burning fires

Anchors and Sailboats

Anchors and Sailboats
by Carl Josehart

strong, virile winds
impregnate beautiful
white sails

grasping the
mother of endless possibilities
pointing out to sea

straining against a
hereditary anchor
motion, distance
new ports

anchor broken
catapulted forward
fear washers over excitement
desperately seeking
the spot
where the anchor lies hidden

straining against the
virile winds
to stay
sentinel to mark
an anchor
well needed

shuddering at the
presence of endless possibilities
unable to reckon direction
motion without mission
distance without destination

pregnant moments
fill precious time
long labor
a dream of the future


via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

A Rose

by Carl Josehart

Arid, aching sand
burns at the soles of my feet
I wander
the hot wind obscuring footprints
of where I’ve been

Suddenly an oasis
rises out of the barren horizon
caresses the land
coaxing life
out of the wasted sand

Amid desolation and waste
seeds planted in hope
nourished with love
tap the long buried life giving spring
promising one day
in the desert
there will bloom a rose



by Carl Josehart

When enemies attack
and our brothers and sister are in danger
Let our legacy be courage

When the world cries out in pain and anguish
sorrow threatening to overcome hope
Let our legacy be compassion and comfort

When passions flare and cry out for blood
threatening the fabric of society
Let our legacy be justice

When our faith falters
and God seems distant
Let our legacy be prayer

When the world is lost in darkness
and we stumble to find direction
Let our legacy be the light of courage, compassion, justice and prayer


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via Daily Prompt: Festive

Festive: cheerful, jovial, celebratory

by Carl Josehart

celebrate the birth
of love
from generation to generation
from husband to wife
parent to child
lover to loved one
rejoice in the love born of unselfish acts
generous hearts
gentle souls

celebrate the birth
of joy
look through the eyes of a child
fill your eyes with wonder
and experience the awe

celebrate the birth
of hope
miracles abound in the everyday
suspend disbelief
and hope for more than you dare to dream

celebrate the birth
of peace
join in the praise
shudder before the expanse of the universe and all the heavens
delight in the beauty of a single petal on a perfect flower
join hands and voices
and sing to love
to joy
to hope
to peace and
to one another

Celebrate the birth

– CEJ 1994