Wings of Love

Wings of Love
by Carl Josehart

Without maps to guide us
through the oft unchartered paths of life
we met on wings of love
before our hearts had learned to fly

exhilarated by the thrill of flight
we soared too near the sun
waxen wings melting
falling from heaven
mortal again to walk on the earth

I often think of you
and I
soaring through time and space
like gods
like me

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by Carl Josehart

Sometimes he calls to me sweetly in the middle of the night
His voice still gently echoing as I greet the morning light
Sometimes he cries for me bitterly clutches me and holds me tight
Sometimes I wish for him eagerly – trying to summon him with all my might

Sometimes I come to him needing his love, his touch, his kiss
When he accepts me, and loves me, it seems like perfect bliss
Sometimes he turns away from me angrily with a hiss
Sometimes I imagine him holding me – trying to make up for the caress I want and miss

Sometimes he storms up to me and boldly takes my hand
And leads me off, curious about what mischief he may have planned
Sometimes it will be to the beach to run barefoot in the sand
Sometimes to listen to music played by his favorite band

Sometimes I find him sitting quietly alone
Our lying in bed, crying, staring at the phone
Sometimes I can comfort him with my touch and reassuring words spoken in quiet tones
Sometimes the best I can do is hold him and try to make his pain my own

Sometimes we go gently into the stillness of the night
Often we rest easily til we are woken by the coming of morning’s light
Sometimes we fear the dying, lie awake, and hold each other tight
Sometimes we fear from the our weakness, and other times, from our might

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by Carl Josehart

Reach for distant shores
my little one
sea shells
gentle waves
sandy shores
sunny days
a peaceful earth

Reach for high hills
my beautiful one
twinkling stars
snow capped peaks
the moon at night
the sun at mid-day

Reach for God in heaven
my child, symbol of hope
angels ascending and descending on Jacob’s ladder
surrounded by divine protection
hugged by your parents’ loving embrace

Reach high
my young one
and wide
and far
your fragile little body
the next link in an ancient chain
your expanding intellect
the storehouse to come our national treasures
your unblemished heart
full of compassion and love
your perfect soul
full of wonder and praise


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The Tattooed Tigress

The Tattooed Tigress
by Carl Josehart

The tattooed tigress
slowly stalks her prey
inviting mouth studded with razor sharp teeth

Swishing silky tail
playful as a cub
powerful as a lioness
tempting as ripe fruit swollen on the vine

The tattooed tigress
now wounded in battle
cries out in pain
threatens all who come near
even those with salves and dressings for her wounds

Too frightened to let anyone approach
she is danger of dying from her wounds
injuries that need not be mortal
threaten to sap her life
lest she can suffer to be cured


by Carl Josehart

to greet
a hug so deep
I swim in your warm depth
toward its loving soul

then a kiss
gentle and firm
on the lips
warm opalescent waves wash over me
bobbing helplessly on tides of emotion
rhythmic reminders
I am safe
and known

to come and go
a torture so intimate
I recoil my tainted lips
from your welcoming shores

then a touch
genuine and caring
on the cheek
warm open ways plant tender fruits
ripening friendship
you are consolation
and hope

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Welcome Greenland

Welcome Greenland

Since I have started my blog I have had fun watching the map of the world light up as people from different countries visit my site and perhaps stay a few moments and read something I have written. I admit that I derive a certain pleasure of seeing the points on the map light up from places I have visited and, even more so, from places I have yet had the opportunity to travel.

In my imaginings, by staring at the same words from across distant horizons perhaps we become connected in some way, build bridges across cultures, countries and borders.

Over the months, the countries of the world have become more and more filled with points of light as people from those remarkable places stop by for a visit – up until now, however, no one from Greenland.

Perhaps they are too busy admiring the beauty of the Ilulissat Ice-fjord, standing in awe on the deck of a ship whale watching, enjoying the warmth of Uunartoq Hot Springs, or feeling inspired by the grandeur and spectacle of the Northern Lights – all worthy pursuits of that I am sure. But when it is time to put your feet up and share the stories of your people I will be here waiting with a cup of hot cocoa.

So in the spirit of world peace – and healing my fragile ego – I want to officially invite the citizens of Greenland into my site for a visit. Residents of Nuuk, Sisimiut, Ilulissat, Qaqortoq, Aasiaat, Maniitsoq, Tasiilaq, Paamiut, Narsaq, Nanortalik, Uummannaq. Upernavik, Qasigiannguit and everywhere in-between please come by and say hello – I’ll leave the porch light on.

Out, Out Damn Spot

Out Damn Spot
by Carl Josehart

Out, out damn spot
the weary laundress mumbles
to no one present to hear
wrinkled hands scraped raw from scrubbing
blood too stubborn a stain
falls like rain
in this endless war

The uniforms must be clean
demands the decorated well pressed General
creased and starched
to recycle
with another clean
blond kid
too young to buy liquor
who should be wrecking his father’s car
and skipping lectures at an
Iowa college
Studying agriculture

Out, out damn spot
when will we reach the day
when weapons lie and rust
buried beneath a demilitarized zone
covered with dust
or beaten to plowshares
to pry life from parched land
should it be unreasonable
to make war unthinkable
and waging it treasonable

Out, out damn spot
wiping sweat from her brow with a feeble hand
mutters the weary laundress
to no one there to hear

via Daily Prompt: Clean