Plant Peas

Plant Peas

I have a friend named Ann
who likes to plant peas

She lives in a world of courtrooms
and mental disease
and when she goes home
she likes to plant peas

Maybe it’s the feel of the soil
and how it responds to her touch
it could be the smell of the earth
that she craves so much

Maybe it’s the sight of the field
with everything in bloom
or the sweetness of their taste
as they melt in her mouth
it could be the sound of the wind
as it blows through the trees

Ann has many reasons
she likes to plant peas


– Carl Josehart, 1988

I Will Explode

I Will Explode
by Carl Josehart

I will explode
one day
from suits too tight
to breathe
and shirts starched
to smooth out creative
and offices too ordered
to find the truth
among files filled with facts
but no useful information
about life
too short not to be lived
each day
and opportunities
slip away
like that comfortable corner of the couch
that seems to
sap energy
and fits comfortably
no reason to rise
no call to action
the deep
struggling to be heard
through TV ads
and delinquent bills

I will explode
one day
and splatter
on a regimented world
a barrage of color
will rain on black and white

via Daily Prompt: Overworked